5 new features you’ll love about the new iOS 16 Update

In mid-June, Apple released the developer beta of iOS 16. At the WWDC 2022 in June 2022, Apple made a developer beta for its iOS 16 upgrade available to download, followed by a public release this month. The final release will allow users to interact with new iOS 16 features. The OS upgrade is expected to make its final release by the fall of this year before the launch of the iPhone 14.

The new upgrade is housed with numerous enticing features enhancing capabilities of the lock screen, focus, shared photo library, messages, pass keys, etc. The update has been primarily around customization options to offer a blend of personalization to iPhone users. Let’s not make any further delay and get ourselves introduced to the five best features of iOS 16 update.

Custom Lock Screens

You may call it one of the most important or noticeable features. The lock screen can now be customized to a large extent and reveals more information than ever before. To further make it more alluring and personalized, you may consider using photo treatments, photo shuffle, and Focus mode.

Earlier, the lock screen for all iPhone users looked similar. Now with the iOS 16 upgrade, users can customize their iPhone’s lock screen and make it look more personal. 

How to customize the lock screen in iOS 16?

Long press on your lock screen until it zooms out. You’ll find two buttons at the bottom of your screen; Customize and ‘+’. The latter allows you to add one more lock screen. You may add another lock screen and switch between the two manually or automatically by assigning the lock screen to dedicated Focus modes. The ‘Link to Focus’ button can be found at the bottom of each screen. 

The alternate way to edit the lock screen is through the Settings app in the Wallpaper section. Just in case you want to delete a lock screen, long press on the lock screen to enter selection mode. From the bottom of the screen, tap ‘Delete Wallpaper’.

Editing, unread, and unsend messages

Ever got embarrassed due to typos? If yes, this new iOS 16 feature will be super helpful for you. The fresh upgrade allows you to edit sent iMessages upto 15 times. Needless to mention, the message will be marked ‘edited’ on the receiver’s screen. However, if that sounds like a concern, and you don’t want the other person to know about your mistake, you can also unsend it. Just keep in mind that you have just 15 minutes to do so after sending the message. 

The time frame may decrease in the future, considering that the feature may get used to abuse, or maybe you get the option to opt out of it. 

How to edit, unread, and unsend messages on iOS 16?

Using this feature is extremely easy. Once you have downloaded and installed iOS 16 on your iPhone, just long press on the text bubble and select edit or unsend from the menu options. If you select edit, you can interact with the text in the messages. Once done with editing, you’ll notice the delivery message as ‘delivered-Edited’. Remember, you can take these actions only under 15 minutes of duration after sending.

Haptic Keyboard

This feature might feel barely noticeable, but once you use it, you’ll surely fall in love with it. While Android and other third-party keyboards have been offering this feature for quite some time now, iPhone users will surely love this new one. The keyboard haptics utilizes the taptic engine we first saw in iPhone 7 to produce the ‘tick’ feeling upon touching the keyboard.

How to enable keyboard haptic in iOS 16?

The feature comes disabled by default, and you’ll have to enable it manually to use/test. To do so, open the Settings app, and tap on Sounds and Haptics. On the screen, scroll down and select Keyboard Feedback. Here you’ll find dedicated toggles for haptic and sound feedback. You may enable them individually based on your preferences.

Enhanced and friendly dictation

Numerous iPhone users already interact with the dictation feature. However, talking about dictation in iOS 16, it’ll be difficult for you to resist this feature. The feature is revised and upgraded to be more precise and fast. Not just this, it automatically adds commas, questions, and periods. But this isn’t the major change. Perhaps, it is with the fact that while you are using the dictation feature, the keyboard remains active and visible, allowing you to switch between typing and dictation without any hassle.

Will there be any more errors in the dictation feature? Well, yes. But that would be way too less than iOS 15.

Grabbing subjects out of images

You’ll fall in love with this feature when you learn about it. The best part about having it is that it feels so easy and smooth that you’ll use it every time. To use this feature, all you need to do is tap a photo and drag the subject out of it. It’ll just be the background left, which may be one of your master clicks. 

For now, the feature requires an iPhone with an A12 Bionic processor. Having said this, people with iPhone XS or newer devices can use this feature in the beta version. However, it is expected that by the launch of the OS in the fall, iPhones upto four years old could easily use it.

How to remove a subject from an image in iOS 16?

To use the remove subject feature in iOS 16, you first have to find an image from Web, Photos app, or the Files app. Long press on the subject you want to cut from your picture (as long as it is not part of the background).

Lift your finger after you feel a haptic vibrate upon long pressing. You’ll then notice a white outline around the subject you selected, along with a popup menu. The options in the menu may differ depending on where the image is used (web/photos). Depending on the options, select cut and copy to clipboard. You can now place the image wherever you want.

Signing off

Before you download and install iOS 16 to your device to use new iOS 16 features, know that the upgrade is currently in Beta for public testing. You might face some bugs or lags. But that’s just a process, and the Big Boys at Apple are working to improve your experience. 

These are a few out of numerous other features offered by iOS 16. Just in case you want to know more about them, stay tuned with us. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions, and we’ll be happy to hear from you. 

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