Difference Between Traditional And Today’s Fax System

In the era of the 80s or 90s fax made a revolution in the business world. The fax machines were as important as mobile phones now. Fax machines are something that helps you to send important files or documents to different people. The major cause of it is that there are now far more cosy alternatives than there were previously. Emails, phones, chat, and more communication methods are available. But the evaluation of fax gets a digital version. It is quite easy and comfortable to use one of them. 

What are traditional fax machines?

A fax machine is an electronic device with a scanner, a modem, and a printer. It sends information in the shape of pulses through a phone line to the destination, often another fax machine, that converts the pulses into pictures and prints them on a page. The conventional approach needs a phone connection, and only single fax may be issued or received simultaneously. In a traditional fax machine, You need to print out your information first. Then the fax machine will remember the photo of the information. Then it will send the information to your desired person.

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What is a digital fax machine?

Digital fax machines are something that helps you to send and receive fax documents or files electronically by the internet service. It is also known as virtual faxing or electronic faxing. It doesn’t contain any paper copies. And the main thing is it doesn’t require any fax machine device too. You can just use your internet to send a fax from anywhere with your smartphone.

The latest digital fax concept also includes the finest possible security safeguards. Unlike emails, it gives you end-to-end encryption which makes it the best for sending any confidential information. You will be more secure from the threat of hacking.

Difference between Traditional fax machines and Digital fax machines

During this time, there were several changes to digital fax machines. Fax’s key component has changed in recent years. So now we can discuss some differences between a Traditional fax machine and a digital fax machine.

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The main difference between a Traditional fax machine and a digital fax machine is based on its cost. Traditional fax machines cost a lot of pence as it needs a fax machine, ink, Paper cost, and a telephone line. On the other hand, a digital fax machine only demands the price of a virtual faxing site. You don’t need to pay any extra installation charge or anything. You don’t need to buy the fax machine also. It is much more cost-effective than the previous one.


Speed is the next stoppage to identify the difference between a Traditional fax machine and a Digital fax machine.  Even if the conventional one took less time, it still costs more than digital fax. It takes a minute to deliver fax for the previous one whereas this is just some seconds for the digital one.


Security is another thing you need to understand. The security of the traditional fax machine is very poor. Your incoming fax can go missing if your fax machine is off. Your fax also can get misplaced if anyone took it by mistake.

On other hand, Digital fax is very much secure as it has end-to-end encryption. It is even safer than an email.


Traditionally, You had to go somewhere to send a fax. As it is stuck in one place because of the telephone line, you can’t change its place. But now you can send a fax from anywhere just by your mobile phone.


In the article above, we spoke about how common people may save time and money by using digital fax machines, which have shown to be more beneficial than traditional fax machines. People nowadays don’t use fax that much. But in the new digital fax, this is even better than email. So it is high time that we start to use fax again.

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