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Download TikTok Videos to Watch Whenever You Want

Why should you download Tik Tok videos?

For a diverse range of reasons, you might want to save a TikTok video. An inexhaustible supply of original and modern entertainment is available on TikTok. Since the applications don’t have an offline mode by default, you may download the videos you want to view later when you don’t have access to the internet.

You could simply prefer sharing movies on chat applications over links. Additionally, TikTok is not just for making goofy films or lip-syncing them. Cooking lessons are only one of the many types of videos it has. So, you could use the download feature to, say, save a meal recipe that you wish to test at some time.

How to download TikTok videos on different devices?

If you’ve ever used TikTok, there is a good chance you have stumbled across something amusing, strange, or useful that you wished to download and save for later. There are somewhat varied methods in respect of what you should do depending on the sort of gadget you are using.

  • Using the app: It is really simple to access all of your favourite videos if you try to download TikTok videos from within the app such as SaveTox.

Step1: When you next go through your Page and come across a video you would want to share with a friend or family member or just save for later, In the bottom right corner of the screen, simply click the right arrow button.

Step2: Observe the Share menu choices. If there is a button for saving a video on a public profile, you merely need to click it since TikTokers can choose whether or not to offer this feature to users. The video has been saved to your phone.

Tiktok Video Saver
  • Using the TikTok downloader: Some websites may assist you in downloading a TikTok video without the watermark that comes with the app which is included in every clip that is downloaded.

Step1: Choose a downloader and enter its web URL in the box provided. Watch out for websites that look spammy and attempt to collect information from you before allowing you to input a TikTok URL.

Step2: Embrace the TikTok video link. The TikTok video’s URL should be copied and pasted. If the programme can be saved publicly, downloading will begin right away.

  • On Mobile: The approach for utilizing a mobile downloader is the same if you wish to save a video on your phone but don’t have immediate access to TikTok’s app.

Step1: Choose an app first. Use the internet to go to any of the given downloaders, or download an application like Save Tox.

Step 2: Insert the TikTok video link. If the user has enabled the option for people to save it, just copy and paste the TikTok URL into the app as directed to have it downloaded automatically.

Tiktok Saver Without Watermark
  • On PC: Strangely, even if you are logged in, you can’t download a TikTok video via the platform’s mobile app, only if it is a desktop PC or Mac version. Thankfully, these useful downloaders also function over here.

Step1: Copy the URL, then paste it. When you wish to copy and paste a URL, use websites like sssTikTok and TikTok Downloader. They will store your videos automatically.

Step2: Choose whether to save these videos in the cloud or a specific folder on your desktop. Once you’ve saved them, you may see them offline whenever you like.


If you frequently visit TikTok, you may use Save Tox to save a few of the funniest videos to your phone or computer. If your computer or smartphone has the required storage space, the majority of TikTok movies can be downloaded easily. If you are utilizing an online downloader, just be careful to watch out for applications that can be spam.

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