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Here’s How You Can Conveniently Share And Repost Your TikTok Videos

The population of people using social media apps is increasing significantly. You can find the audience of every age group, gender and interest on these platforms, making them the go-to option for everyone. This wide range of audiences makes it an effective mode of marketing, which is another reason behind the increased inclination. Businesses use it to promote their products and services. Moreover, the best part is that they also get fruitful results.

One of the most popular apps these days is TikTok, where people put small videos as content. It solves multiple purposes for people, as followers get enough entertainment, influencers get audiences to engage, and the brands get effective promotions. They only have to choose the right strategies, and this app can actually do wonders.

You can post, share, report, and even run paid ads on it to reach your goals. However, you may need to choose a TikTok video downloader app to make this platform fun and easy for you to use!

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All About Reposting your content on TikTok

Content resharing is the most effective strategy that helps people get more user engagement. You can share the videos posted by an influencer or a brand to attract their followers to your profile, which may increase your view count! Moreover, it might not always be for monetary perks. You may only like some videos and want to share them with your followers. It is only possible if you use a re-post app. These apps copy the link for you and post it on your profile within a few clicks. However, you would need a TikTok saver without a watermark to ensure your audience gets an uninterrupted view of the content.

You will find plenty of options for TikTok saver on iPhone, but know that every app doesn’t offer excellent results. One of the popular options for iPhone users is SaveTox! It is one of the favourite options amongst iPhone users who want to share content conveniently without lowering the video quality or watermarks. Let us dig deeper and discuss this phenomenal app to convince you to start using it immediately!

SaveTox: A reliable content re-sharing app for iPhone users

SaveTox is the most commonly used app amongst iPhone users, which is available on App Store for free. It lets you remove the watermark on videos and allows you to repost them on your profile or your business page. The app has an excellent rating on the App store, which clearly signifies that users rely on it big time! We have listed a few highlights that make this app a go-to option when you want to share content.

Perks of Using the SaveTox App

There are plethoras of benefits that the SaveTox app offer to all iPhone users. Some of the perks you can expect to enjoy are:

Video Sharing

The primary benefit is the video sharing feature, using which you can re-post any video from anyone on TikTok to your personal account. The video would not have any watermark or signs showing its source, and it will immediately start showing on your account.

Bookmark Option

The app offers a feature to bookmark the videos of your interest and allows you to save them for later use. You can check your bookmarks whenever you want to repost any of these videos and share them on your profile.

24×7 Mail Support

You get 24×7 mail support from the customer service staff. Write any queries you might have, and they will answer them on priority!

Ease of Use

The app is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. You wouldn’t need any expertise or technical knowledge to use this app. Download it, follow simple steps, and the video reposting or sharing becomes convenient as ever.

Convenient Subscription

The app is available for users for free, but there are advanced features for which you need to buy a nominal subscription. Moreover, you can sign up for an auto-debit plan under which your app gets auto-renewed, and you can continue using it uninterruptedly.

Apart from this, you get multiple other benefits of this app that every apple user can ripe. Download this app, start using it, and you will totally love the experience.

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Steps to use SaveTox on your iPhone

Once you get convinced to use the app, you need to know the right way to use it. It is a user-friendly and easy-to-use application that any novice can get familiar with on the first attempt. Refer to the guide below to learn to use it.

Step1: Download the App

Download the app from the apple store and install it on your device. Once the download is complete, you need to open it and create an account on this app. There is no need to connect or link your TikTok account with it, as the app automatically picks up the profile you use on your device.

Step2: Report Process

After the download and installation part, it is ready to use! Just copy the link of your desired video which you want to share and go to the SaveTox app. Paste that link to your videos, and it will repost it on your TikTok account from here, without any watermarks.

Using these simple steps, you can conveniently use the app and share the concept from different profiles to your account. The best part about the app is that you can save the videos for later use and watch or post them whenever required. It is a feature that any TikTok saver app would offer. It means you can skip keeping an additional app!


Whether you want to use this social media platform for business or leisure, it is crucial keeping the supportive apps with you to carry out the operations conveniently. The only thing you should ensure is that the app you use has strict privacy rules and provides efficient options to the user. So, you should check the ratings and reviews other users have given and choose the app that can help you use the app efficiently. So, in the end, it is fair to say that SaveTox is an ideal option for iPhone users who want to save and post content on TikTok. Go ahead, download the app and start using it for convenient content re-posting.

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