Can You Fax From Iphone

How To Fax Online In 2022 – Best Way

Life and the world have changed in the past decades. A lot of things have changed According to the needs and comfort of people. The mobile phone is the biggest example of this evaluation. Mobile phones came to the world in the First decade of the twenty-first century. We had telephones and land phones before. We couldn’t move with it. But today we are incomplete without our cellphones. Fax machines were also evaluated.

Traditionally, You needed a fax machine with a landline to send a fax. This is different now. It is as easy as adding a new contact to your existing contact on your phone. Fax now has a lot of options. You can send a fax by email, can send it from your new smartphone, and also can send it via a wireless fax machine. The wireless fax machines don’t need any landline. It is portable and also easy to use.

Sending Fax From Iphone

What is a wireless fax machine?

Wireless fax machines are all-in-one printers that you can connect with by a wifi service. Mainly an office bought this kind of fax machine for their office works. You have to connect it to your computer and they will fax your documents. In this type of fax machine, you need to connect it with a plug if you want to use wifi as a network. You can only use it in a complete wireless position if you connect it to the cellular network.

The problem with traditional faxes

Traditional analogue fax has a lot of security flaws. The papers delivered or received may be stored electronically on a typical, analogue fax machine, which is rarely secured. Here are a few significant security concerns with conventional faxing.

  • Paper copy: Traditionally, you need a paper copy of the document you intend to fax. This means that each time you wish to fax vital information, you must first print it out. If you want to save any fax-related data, you must also maintain a printed copy.
  • Missing fax: Your incoming fax can go missing if your fax machine is off. Your fax also can get misplaced if someone else took your fax by mistake. Your sensitive information will be seen by someone else, which might cause you serious harm.
  • Network: You need to check your cellular network service. Your fax can get missing if your network is off or not working properly. For properly transmitting your fax you will always need to be at the right location at the right time where you can get network which at times is not feasible.
  • Cost: The typical machine was expensive, but it wasn’t the only item; daily costs for the accessories were also considerable. Like the ink, you are using regularly, the paper, and the additional cellular data you are using. You need to pay for all of those expenses, which contributed to the high price of this equipment.
Free Fax From Iphone

How to send fax wirelessly

There are some steps that you will need to know before sending any fax wirelessly. Here are the steps.

  • First of all, create an account on any of the fax websites. Just search on google or you can find any recommendations from the fax offices. Your office can also select a specific website to send a fax to. Get an account in that.
  • Click on the ‘Send a fax’ Button
  • Attach all of the documents you want to send. you can add up to ten attachments.
  • Type any message you want to send with the attachments. It can be formal or completely informal information.
  • And now click on the ‘Send fax’ Button and you are ready to go.

You don’t need to think of the papers or the network. It is quite easy and very similar to sending an email. You can also send a fax by email. Just add your attachments and send them to your recipient’s fax number.


Fax is something we don’t use in our daily life. It is quite an office thing. But for them also it is quite easy to use it now. So if you need to send a fax now, don’t wait for the traditional one. This article has briefly mentioned the problems people may face with traditional fax machines. Hence it is always purposeful to evolve with technology and use digital fax in the present era.

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