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Know How to scan and fax from your iPhone

A fax machine is an electronic scanning machine that can send a document from one place to another with the support of telecommunication links. A fax machine can also be referred to as telefax or telecopying. Back in the 1980s, fax was considered to be one of the most modern and best techniques for sending documents from one place to another. Fax machines generally came along with a phone number associated with them. While sending the fax, entering the phone number of the receiver is a must. 

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However, the world has been changing since 1980, and faxes are no more as popular as they used to be before. Yet, it cannot be said that the concept of faxing has vanished completely. Rather, with technological advancement, fax has transformed itself into something that we keep handy. Wondering what would that be? Yes. Mobile phone. Sending a fax is now possible through an iPhone. Most working-class people and businesses use iPhones or iPad in the modern age. This is the main reason why faxing has been integrated with an iPhone or an iPad. However, you might think about how to fax from iPhone? Well, it is a very easy and quick process. We will guide you through ways in which you will understand how can how to fax from iPhone.

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Most Popular Fax Apps on iPhone

Although an iPhone or an iPad indeed makes it possible to fax from it. Yet, you must know that iPhone or iPad does not have any in-built capability that allows it to send fax from one place to another. This can only be possible through the installation of third-party applications. Let us look into a few applications that make faxing possible through iPhone and iPad:

  1. WeFax – Fax App

If you are thinking about how to fax from iPhone and looking for the best faxing app in the apple store then you can blindly trust the weFax – Fax App. It is one of the smoothest applications that you can install on your iPhone or iPad that will help you to send documents without any hassle. The best part about using the weFax – Fax App is that, unlike other applications, there is no need of creating any separate account on the weFax – Fax App. There is no need for any kind of registration and verification. You can simply install the app and send the documents. All you have to do is:

  • Download and install the app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Scan the documents that you want to send
  • Import the files that you have scanned
  • Select a number from the address book
  • Check the faxes that you are sending
  • Click on send to send the fax to anywhere you want across the globe
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  • IFax: Ad-free fax from iPhone  

If you are looking for an application on the iPhone that helps you to send faxes quickly then iFax is the application you can choose. Using iFax, you will see your iPhone turn into a fax machine instantly. You will have no questions regarding how to fax from iPhone. All you have to do to send a fax from iFax is:  

  • Download the app
  • Open it  
  • Register your account with the given instructions  
  • Click on send fax  
  • You will find a “to” where you need to put in the phone number of the receiver  
  • Click on add files and select and attach the documents that you want to fax  
  • Click on send
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Why Choose We Fax

Well, the weFax – Fax app is super simple and super-duper easy to use. You do not have to be a pro to use the app. The user experience that weFax – Fax App provides would be the best thing to witness. No wonder individuals, as well as businesses, are choosing the weFax – Fax App for faxing from their iPhones and iPad. You can also add a professional look to the document that you are sending, by adding a cover document. One of the most important reasons for people to choose the weFax – Fax App for sending documents is that the fax sent can be tracked easily. You can check the status of the sent documents anytime you want.


Are you still wondering about how to fax from iPhone? Well, there are several other applications available in the Apple store that you may also try. Sending documents through applications on iPhone or iPad is super easy. If you have not tried it yet, then make sure that the next official document that you send is through faxing.

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