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Learn How To Fax From iPhone

We are all quite aware of what fax is right? Well, to revise a little, a fax is a machine that scans and transmits documents with the help of an electronic scanner through telecommunication links. Fax is often referred to as telecopying. The telephonic transmission usually happens through a phone number that is linked either to the printer or any other device from where the output is possible. Sending documents through fax is one of the easiest and most secure ways of sending any document. However, there are privacy concerns that must be kept in mind, since any person who is there besides a fax machine when a fax is received or sent can see these documents. This at times might not be a safe thing.

The Modern Fax Machines

As already said, fax machines can be used for receiving and sending various kinds of documents. Apart from this, fax machines can also be used for sales tactics, for increasing the number of prospects which in return would increase the number of sales. This process is commonly termed fax broadcasting. Some machines also facilitate a user to print the received documents.

However, standing in the year 2022 is it not unusual for people to consider fax machines dead. But then, have you ever questioned that, can something that held so much importance at a point be completely dead? Well, the answer to this is no. Fax machines are not fully dead. They may not be of use anymore to certain people in the present society, however, some people still use them. Real estate firms, artist representation companies, lawyers, and financial institutions are some of the sectors that still use fax to transfer documents.

Send fax from your ipad

You might be amazed to hear that even to date, approximately 43 million fax machines happen to be sold every year. So? Would you still think that fax machines are dead? In fact, in the modern days, fax machines have transformed themselves to get adapted to the present generation, and the transformation is quite worth and noticeable. Modern fax machines have evolved in a way so that it fits into modern technologies. By hearing about modern technologies, the first thing that comes to mind is mobile phones. Yes, modern-day fax machines have made themselves compatible with Android phones and iPhones. Apple’s iPhone has made faxing possible through it. Wondering how to fax from iPhone? Well, indeed, the iPhone does not have its in-built faxing capabilities. However, it has made faxing possible with the use of third-party applications.

Faxing through iPhone

Fax machines during the 1980s were considered to be high-tech. Hence, there is no reason for which you might think that these high-tech machines are dead. Although in a world that is technically upgrading crazily, fax is comparatively an outdated technology. Yet, some companies insist on sending documents through fax even to date. Since sending a fax directly from iPhone is not possible and you would require an app for it. Hence, the best app that you can use to send fax from one number to another is the weFax – Fax app.

Send fax iphone

If you ever wonder about how to fax from iPhone, the answer would be using the weFax – Fax app. You can simply install this application on your iPad or your iPhone and start sending faxes. The best part about the weFax – Fax app is, that it does not require any kind of verification or account setup. You can simply install the app, import the documents that you want to send, and start sending them.  

Why weFax – Fax App

send fax for free

WeFax – Fax App gives the best mobile faxing experience to its users, be it individuals or businesses. It helps you to save both, money as well as time. The best part is, unlike other applications that require registration or an account set up, weFax – Fax App requires nothing as such. The entire faxing process is smooth and hassle-free. Since fax is used by businesses too, weFax – Fax App provides enhanced security so that the documents that are transferred are safe and secure.


It is lame to think that when everything is transforming itself to fit into the modern world, the faxing method will remain the same. The transformations that fax has done to itself clearly show that fax is here to stay generations after generations. Hope this article has cleared your doubts about how to fax from iPhone.

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