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Now Send A Fax With No Lost Information

Are you wondering how to send a fax without the involvement of any larger and bulky fax machine?

While the practice of faxing has lessened over the decades, it is still in use in government and medical sectors. Documents that are strictly confidential but need to be shared over a secured line are sent over the fax machine. But sending them over the large machine is not always feasible, especially when someone needs the document urgently and the fax machine you have has got stuck.

This is where the faxing application comes into play. Meant to scan the documents and send them to the concerned person through the network lines connecting the fax machine. While several such applications are already on the market, WeFax has outshined all other competitors and proved itself as the best application to send the fax from the source to the destination within seconds.

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What is WeFax, and how does it work?

WeFax is one of the best Fax app for iPhone through which you can easily send over documents through the fax network to the dedicated receiver. You won’t need any machine for the same or any other connection because the software is enough to handle all the tasks that a traditional fax machine used to.

It is integrated with a scanner. So, all you need to do is scan the documents appropriately, upload them on the application, and send them to the person, just like emails.

Features of WeFax

1. Versatile use

WeFax is compatible with individuals and businesses, ensuring all types of users can benefit from it without having to worry about setting up a new connection line. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have because WeFax will allow you to easily send over the documents, irrespective of any such variable.

2. Compliant with HIPAA

Since the faxing system is still prevalent in the medical and insurance industry, WeFax is compliant with the HIPAA protocols. HIPAA, or Hospital Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, defines the protocols and terms and conditions of sharing information about a patient or insurance customer over any network to another individual or entity. Since it is compliant with the terms and conditions of HIPAA, the documents are faxed over a highly secured network in seconds.

3. Cloud network integrations

WeFax can be easily integrated with the cloud network like DropBox, OneDrive, and so on. Therefore, you won’t have to waste any more time scanning the documents and uploading the same. Besides, if you don’t have hard copies of the papers, you can easily upload the pictures on WeFax through cloud integrations.

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4. Scanner and image processing

WeFax comes with an integrated scanner and image processor to help you scan any document and process the image before it is uploaded to the application’s network. The picture quality is outstanding, and one won’t have to deal with corrupted or blurred files.

5. Support for different documents

You can also send many documents through WeFax without worrying about the file format.

How to use the WeFax?

  1. Scan the documents or upload the images from any cloud network.
  2. Arrange them properly.
  3. You can also add a cover page if you want the document bundle to look more sophisticated.
  4. Search the address book to fetch the required number.
  5. If the fax number is not included, you can manually enter it on the screen and wait for verification.
  6. Preview the file and send it over WeFax within seconds.
  7. You can even track the fax number and its status from this application.
Send fax from iphone

Advantages of using WeFax

  1. WeFax does not require any form of dedicated channel or network connection.
  2. If you face any problem, you can share the same with the developer team over email.
  3. 24/7 customer support is offered to the users.
  4. You won’t have to subscribe to use the services of WeFax.
  5. If you want to send unlimited faxes, go for the in-app purchases.

Considering how crucial faxing is for individuals and businesses, signing up for WeFax can help you send the faxes without the involvement of bulky machines that don’t define the term efficiency neatly. This software will help you scan the documents and send them over the dedicated fax number within minutes.

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