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What Is The Best Free Fax App For iPhone?

Back in the 1980s, the fax was considered to be high-tech. Companies that had fax facilities were considered to be well-known and reputed companies. However, with age technology has evolved itself into a much wider and better prospect. The latest technologies have overshadowed the system of faxing. However, some companies still emphasize sending documents via fax. You do not get to see those machines now, right? Well, this is because faxes have evolved with the latest technologies. It has transformed itself to fit into modern technology. Wondering how? This is simply by becoming compatible with mobile phones. Yes, you read that right.

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Free Fax Apps for iPhone

Faxing has become easier and better with its modern phone integration. Working officials and businesses mostly use iPhones and iPads. This is why faxing has been made possible through these. The iPhone or the iPad does not have any in-built capabilities for sending faxes. However, this can be made possible by downloading third-party apps. There are several free fax app for iPhone. Here is a list of the top fax apps for iPhone that you can install and use:

  • WeFax – Fax App

If you are looking for the best Free fax app for iPhone, then keep your eyes strictly on the weFax – Fax app, since it is the fastest and most user-friendly fax app for iPhone that you will find available in the Apple store. The app is known for its hassle-free feature. There is no need for opening an account, registration, or verification. The weFax – Fax App gives you the privilege of simply downloading the app and installing it on your phone and then simply sending the documents that you want to share by selecting a number from the address book. The weFax – Fax App is perfect for sending various kinds of receipts, documents, contracts, etc. The user-friendly behaviour of the application makes it a choice to consider not only for individuals but for businesses too. The app also has an enhanced security system that helps to maintain the privacy of the documents.


  • HIPAA compliant faxing
  • Files from various cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Can be completely integrated
  • Advanced image processor and document scanner
  • Can combine various documents and make them into a single file
  • Provides the best fax quality, irrespective of the original document quality
  • Does not require a dedicated phone line for sending faxes
  • It can manage your personal as well as your business contact list
  • 24×7 customer support availability
  • You can send faxes anywhere in the world
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  • Fax from iPhone

Fax from iPhone is a Free fax app for iPhone that is available in the Apple store and is compatible with iPhones as well as iPad. It allows its users to send faxes to more than 90 countries all over the world from their iPhone or iPad. The Fax from iPhone app will allow you to send documents through it and will also let you track the status of the documents sent at your convenience.


  • Allows to send a fax to more than 90 countries
  • Has an image processor and document scanner
  • Can compile several documents into one file
  • You can send any type of file through the app
  • Allows you to import from various cloud storage
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FAX.PLUS is also a Free fax app for iPhone. It is a reliable, secure, and easy cross-platform application that you can use to send fax online. You can effortlessly send any document to any country you want. On FAX.PLUS, you can also insert an electronic signature to increase the authenticity of the sent document. A plus point for the FAX.PLUS app is that you can set a specified time to send out and document and rest assured that the document will be sent at that time.


  • The auto document sending facility
  • Enables sending fax even from emails
  • You can retry sending the fax if it fails
  • Enables you to add a digital signature


Technology does not die out even if it becomes old. Rather, technology modules itself and make it better so that it can fit itself in the modern age. This is the best part of technology. It keeps improving itself. If you have not tied out faxing from your iPhone, then try these Free fax app for iPhone soonest.

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